Persecution Big Picture – The Spiritual Pillar – Part 5
Find inspiration for your spiritual practices through an encounter with the story of the persecuted – an encounter that will be ongoing for the rest of life!

We look at the spirituality of the persecuted. We receive a faith boost, a faith challenge, and also a faith model from the persecuted. What difference does the experience of persecution make to one’s spiritual life? Its not always positive.  There are hazards as well as blessings here.  Hazards such as being obsessed with the apocalyptic, or a dangerous tendency to legalism.  

What will I learn?

  1. I learn from the persecuted that I often need a faith boost, a faith challenge, and a faith model.
  2. I am encouraged by the spiritual benefits of persecution, and am alert to its hazards too.
  3. I know that God can use evil for greater purposes.