Days with Jesus

9 Days with Jesus: Prayer
983 students
Jesus has much to say about prayer. In this walk, He will challenge us in the way we pray and think about prayer.
8 Days with Jesus: Who is Jesus?
569 students
This 8-day walk will introduce you to Jesus and who He is. Take this opportunity to enhance and deepen your understanding of Jesus, the Son of God.
7 Days with Jesus: Walk with Jesus
800 students
Travel with Jesus and His disciples while studying His life and teachings.
7 Days with Jesus: Grace
1797 students
Journey with Jesus to learn more about extending and receiving grace as you live, lead and influence people.
6 Days with Jesus: Money and Possessions
794 students
Jesus has much to say about our money and possessions. In this walk He will challenge us in the handling of our money and possessions.
40 Days with Jesus
1872 students
Journey with Jesus through His life and ministry here on Earth and learn how He wants you to live, lead, and influence people.