Give, Save and Spend

Give, Save and Spend

1573 students
God's Role and Our Role in Finances
Spending and Debt
Saving & Seeking Counsel
Crisis and Eternal Perspective
Does God really care about money? The 2350 verses dealing with finances and possessions clearly states that he does. Register now to learn what God has to say about this topic that impacts us all.


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Free online course
Individual course
Forgiveness. A beautiful word. Or a complicated word. This course helps you to understand forgiveness.
Turning your back on Pornography

Turning your back on Pornography

746 students
14 days
Accountability Partner
Maybe you're watching pornography on the internet and you know it is not good for you, but you don't have the strength to stop it. This course will encourage you and change your life. There is a way out!
Financial Freedom, with Andres Panasiuk

Financial Freedom, with Andres Panasiuk

860 students
Join us on your journey of "True Financial Freedom." Watch a short video from Dr. Andres Panasiuk on how to manage your money - God's way. Apply the key principles to your daily affairs and then share what you have learned with a...
Freedom from Anxiety

Freedom from Anxiety

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This Course is Free
Share the Struggle
In this course, authored by Share the Struggle, you will hear from world-class instructors as they help you find hope, healing, and purpose in the middle of your anxiety.