Persecution Big Picture – The Influencing Pillar – Part 4

Often God calls us to be the answer to our prayers.

Persecution Big Picture – The Influencing Pillar – Part 4

Persecution Big Picture – The Influencing Pillar – Part 4

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Persecution Big Picture – The Influencing Pillar – Part 4
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Course description

Christians wants to make the world a less chaotic place. We are called to be enduring activists. We drive a distinction throughout the course that there are some forms of persecution we embrace with all our heart, and some forms of persecution we fight to remove with all our might.  In short for now, if its persecution enshrined in law, it can be changed if fought against.  So we examine how we can influence the persecutor to ensure a legal space for Christianity to be preserved.  

What will I learn?

  1. I learned to be a connector of people is lifechanging in God’s Kingdom.
  2. I know which fight to pick and when to endure persecution.
  3. I believe I can make a difference in the Kingdom, for a better situation.
  4. I can play my role in shrinking the vacuum. 

Course content

Lesson 1: Your Barnabas Moment
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Testimonies of Powerful Hinges
Lesson 2: Persecution: Fight or Endure?
Consideration #1: We need to be willing to suffer for Christ.
Consideration #2: We need to actively engage persecution.
Consideration #3: Harness the power of prayer.
Consideration #4: Wait for God’s time.
Consideration #5: Unless God tells you otherwise, flee!
Consideration #6: Some forms of persecution can be avoided.
How can the church function under persecution and not provoke trouble?
Consideration #7: Stand up for your principles, no matter the consequence.
Consideration #8: There is a place for legal and political action.
The Bible and Legal Action
When to take action and when not too?
Lesson 3: Our Persecution Impulses
2nd Impulse
3rd Impulse
Call to bring change
Lesson 4: The Enduring Activist
Ideology Renders Us Stupid
Let's Get Practical
Non-violence Trumps Violence
God right by our side!

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