Financial Freedom, with Andres Panasiuk
Join us on your journey of "True Financial Freedom." Watch a short video from Dr. Andres Panasiuk on how to manage your money - God's way. Apply the key principles to your daily affairs and then share what you have learned with a friend! At the end of the course, we offer you a free, interactive, online book "Your Money Counts."

Welcome to the course "True Financial Freedom". Your presenter is Dr. Andres Panasiuk, who presents himself in this short video.

True Financial Freedom is independent of how much money you may or may not have. It is rooted in what Jesus said to His disciples."If you continue to study and apply My words, you will really learn the truth from me; and this truth shall set you free!"

True Financial Freedom comes from discovering and applying what the Bible has to say about navigating your finances - God's way!

0. Introducing Dr. Andres PanasiukCompass | Finances God's Way on Vimeo.

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