Freedom from Anxiety

Freedom from Anxiety

17 students
Individual course with coach
21 days
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Share the Struggle
In this course, authored by Share the Struggle, you will hear from world-class instructors as they help you find hope, healing, and purpose in the middle of your anxiety.

In this video-led course, you will be guided through three specific sections in which you will come to understand anxiety, discover the root of anxiety, and find healing from anxiety through relationships. The sections are constructed as follows:

  • Part 1 – Understanding Anxiety
    • Grounded in the Present
    • Anxiety Stories
    • What is Anxiety?
    • The Neuroscience of Anxiety
    • The Experience of Anxiety
  • Part 2 – Discovering Roots
    • Reframing Anxiety
    • Root Discovery Process
    • Root Cause - Our Cultural Moment
    • Root Cause - Spiritual Warfare
    • Root Cause - Family of Origin and Wounds
  • Part 3 – Healing Through Relationships
    • Relationship of Trust
    • Relationship with God
    • You are not Your Anxiety
    • Relationship with Self
    • Relationship with Others

It is our conviction that the information and the tools included in this course will bring hope and freedom from the anxieties you may be experiencing.