Why Jesus?

Why Jesus?

13 students
Individual course with coach
35 days
The course is free
Supervised by a personal coach
5 weeks
Who was Jesus and what meaning does he still have for me today. Find out the why and sign up for WhyJesus?

If there is one person who creates a rumor, even though he is no longer walking around on earth, it is Jesus. He lived back 20 centuries. Never wrote a book. Did not start a war, was not a famous explorer, even he did not start a religion. And yet ... we can not get around him.

This online course "WhyJesus?" discovers more about who Jesus was. But especially what significance  he still has today for the world. And also for you personally.

The WhyJesus? course has four themes

  • The origin of Christianity
  • Who was Jesus?
  • Why did Jesus die?
  • Conquered death

During the course you will be supervised by a personal online e-coach. This coach can discuss the questions that you answered, but also many other themes that are personally important to you can be discussed with your e-coach.