How it works

On Codex you find courses that are about God, faith, Jesus, life and more. The courses are offered to you free of charge.

Personal e-coach  

With most courses that we currently have, you are personally supervised by an e-coach. This is an online coach that responds to your answers, comments and questions in the course. Throughout the course you are in touch with this coach.


Linking with an e-coach we do not automatically. But we search for a coach, that we think, suits you. And you, of course, to the coach.

Lessons and assignments 

The courses consist of several lessons. These are pieces of text, images and videos. Some of the lessons ask you to respond or do another assignment. Through the questions, the course material can be made practical. 

Speed of response

If you have answered questions, the e-coach gets a message that he can react on it. You get a personal response to your answers and questions. Isn't that beautiful? Because if you have an e-coach, there is nothing automatic about the tasks! An e-coach is trying to respond as soon as possible. Within a few days you definitely have reaction!

More questions?  

Not getting anywhere? Just ask your e-coach a question. Or contact us via the contact form. Or send an email to